So guys, i went to Taylor’s youtube account, the very account she use to comment & tweet about the shake it off cover .  You could actually see what videos she likes or which channel she subscribes, and among other things these videos above are the one that she likes  :).

Apparently Tenerife sea is the only song she likes  from Ed ……… ok what does this say :D

I am also very surprised that she subcribes to a one direction news channel & gossip websites like TMZ

VERY interesting! Great find!

let me die with my feels



"This is a song somebody asked to hear tonight. It’s a song that was on the album that I put out before Red, an album called Speak Now. It’s a song about when you meet someone it’s so much more than meeting them, it’s so much bigger, it’s like the moment. It’s so much better than like nice to meet you, and you’re just enchanted by them you know."